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How to Recognize When a Roof Is About to Collapse

Having a roof collapse is a major crisis.
The damages incurred to the building, the injuries, and the losses are
significant. Additionally, the cost of repairing or replacing the roof and
damaged properties is almost impossible. If you are lucky enough, the damages
might not be severe, and no injuries or deaths will be reported. Yet, the cost
of having the building back into operation will still cost you a fortune.

Therefore, knowing how to prevent such
calamity is very important. When you learn the simple signs of recognizing a
collapsing roof, you’ll be able to have it repaired beforehand. Some of these
signs are listed below:


Most of the time, a roof collapse doesn’t
happen all at once. Typically, one or two sections start getting strained
before others. You should have investigations done to see if any area of your
roof is showing sagging. The sagging might be due to snow buildup or water
pools. At the same time, it might also be due to poor installation.

If you stack too many layers of shingles on
your roof, the weight might cause it to sag. Other factors include weak walls,
an aging roof, and a weak foundation. Therefore, before repairing the sag,
first determine its cause.


One major importance of a roof is that it
protects us from rain. However, when it starts raining, and you feel the effect
in your house, it is a call for alarm. A leaking roof demands immediate
professional roof inspection and repair where necessary. Putting buckets and
tubs under dripping roofs might be a temporary solution, but that doesn’t solve
the problem. If the roof is not worked on in time, it might lead to a roof

Creaking and Squeaking

A roof that is about to collapse is never
silent. If you hear funny noises like someone sitting back in a worn-out wooden
chair, act fast. Chances are, your home’s supporting structure is under strain
and is almost giving in. The funny sound, with other visual warnings, is a
clear indication of a collapsing roof.

If any of these indicators catch your
attention, reach out to a reputable roofer. Lakes Country Roofing team
specializes in roof installations, repairs, and replacement services.
Contact us today for customized roof inspection and repair services. 

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